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The Truth About Going Under

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If you – or someone you love – are considering surgery, undoubtedly there are many things that may be worrying you. Your anesthesia need not be one of them.

As a board certified anesthesiologist for over three decades, I have information for you that is clear, understandable, and, best of all, reassuring that you can have a very positive, worry-free experience with your anesthesia.

This website explains the situation to you and describes in simple terms what you can do to make sure you go to sleep and wake up happy and free of unpleasant anesthesia-related side-effects after surgery.

So, please, enjoy discovering what 21st century medical developments have to offer and how you can be sure you receive their benefits.

Barry Friedberg, M.D.
The Goldilocks Anesthesia Foundation

What Patients Should Know

Most Concerns About Anesthesia Side-Effects Are No Longer Necessary

There have been many blessings and benefits to patients since the introduction of anesthesia. However, until relatively recently, there have also been a number of risks that, today, are not necessary – IF you know what to ask for BEFORE your surgery.

Too little anesthesia could result in you waking up during surgery but being unable to alert your anesthesiologist. Too much anesthesia could cause you to have delirium or even irreversible dementia after your anesthesia.
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What Patients Must Do

Your Anesthesia Experience is In Your Hands

It can be intimidating and difficult to speak to your surgeon about a subject you are not terribly familiar with, so I have made it easy for you to get the information across to him or her.

There are anesthetics that are safer, easier on patients and are unlikely to produce unpleasant or dangerous side-effects than those most often used, and inexpensive devices – brain monitors – that can assure your anesthesiologist knows you remain comfortably asleep so you only receive the amount of anesthetic you need.
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